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global offices in New York, London, and Zurich

Our Staff

Our staff have worked at hedge funds, hedge fund of funds, hedge fund service providers, accounting firms, investment bank hedge fund sales divisions and investment bank proprietary trading divisions. We have invested through numerous market cycles, trends and market disruptions, which enable us to provide well-qualified investment insight.

The balance between fundamental and technical analysis, paired with our granular reporting and extensive knowledge base enables us to perform a high level of due diligence and provide new and innovative investment opportunities.

  • Deliver to clients disciplined research, sound advice and reporting that utilizes our Proprietary Technology Platform
  • Advise upon multi-billion dollars in hedge fund and hedge fund of funds investments
  • Offer clients customized solutions to achieve targeted strategic exposure based upon their risk/return & asset allocation goals/needs
  • Outsourced CIO solutions for hedge fund investment programs
  • Qualitative and quantitative research, due diligence and ongoing monitoring
  • Extensive due diligence coverage on 250 funds
  • The staff possess broad experience in the Alternative Industry through multiple market cycles (the Senior Research and Due Diligence staff average over 18 years of experience each)


Stephan Lods


Aaron Sweeney

Chief Strategist

Maureen Hladky

Head of ODD

Juraj Kapko


Steve Brinton

Director of Technology

Charles d’Oncieu

Executive Coordinator

Jerett Yelton

Senior Analyst

Michael Hanisch

Head of Operations

Trevor Uhl