Hedge Fund Manager Research

The process of distilling information to find the most suitable managers is done via Quantitative and Qualitative analysis over multiple steps, each step consisting of a report:

Pre-Factsheet Quantitative Screen (PFSQS)

A brief assessment of fund terms and quantitative metrics on a standalone and relative basis versus peers and universe in order to prioritize further work


Three to five pages of initial review of the firm and fund profile including a checklist assessment of potential major concerns. Intended to rapidly create a decision and prioritize the necessity of further research

DNA Report - Mix of Qualitative and Quantitative Information

The report vets the investability of a fund from a strategy and risk management perspective

Operational Due Diligence

Operational Due Diligence is a key element throughout our process, responsible for the monitoring of all operational tasks.

The team completes their operational due diligence through multiple due diligence on-site visits, third party legal and background checks, service provider verifications and thorough financial statement analysis. We adapt to the ever changing regulatory environment by focusing on:

1. Best Practices

Service provider verification and data reconciliation with manager and counterparties information, legal, review of fund documentation, assessment of cash control policies and verification of independent pricing.

2. Operation Risk Mitigation

Confirm fund infrastructure matches strategy and assets, ensure quality of service providers and review disaster recover/business continuity procedures

3. Market Risk Mitigation

Assessment of whether or not liquidity, portfolio concentrations, leverage and portfolio instruments used are within acceptable industry standards for the strategy

4. Compliance/Regulatory Oversight

Confirm and monitor compliance procedures in response to the increasingly complex regulatory landscape